Seen incredible results online or from someone you know?  Ready for your results?  

** Summer Ready Special **

Order 2 Packs Wraps + Defining Gel - Get Single Wrap Free



Wraps are woven cloths infused with a botanically based lotion that work in three ways.

  1. Fat cells store toxins making them larger than they would normally be. Our Wraps work to detox fat cells to shrink them down. 
  2. They also help break down fat cells for the body to eliminate them naturally. (Those 2 reasons are why we say to drink extra water while wrapping!)
  3. The lotion on the Wraps feeds and hydrates the skin which tones, tightens, and firms wherever it's applied!

Defining Gel is a deep moisturizing, body contouring gel that enhances your tightening, toning, and firming results. Now with a higher concentration of Green Tea to help firm problem areas, such as the abdomen, legs, and upper arms, while improving skin texture. 



First, take a Before pic!  You won't want to miss seeing the difference in your After pic.  - with results improving even more over the next 72 hours!

For best results, wrap every 72 hours.  You can wrap more, but no need to!! Use defining gel on days in between wraps. To apply wrap, make sure skin is clean and dry with no lotions on.  Taking a hot shower before will help to open pores. Place wrap around the area you want to tone and tighten, (anywhere from the neck down) secure with "fab wrap" or plastic wrap, and wear for a minimum of 45 minutes. Can be worn overnight.  Once wrap is removed, rub remaining lotion into your skin and enjoy the new toned and tightened you!  Make sure to drink at least 3 glasses of water when you wrap!  Defining gel is rubbed onto skin just like lotion.  Have questions, just send us a message! 

  • Want to wrap every 72 hours?  Order 2 packs of wraps per month.
  • Want to wrap once a week? Order 1 pack of wraps per month.
  • Want to use defining gel? Order 1 per month.

Have questions, just send us a message! We want you to have the best experience with your wrap!


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